Subject Re: [IBO] OldParameterOrdering
Author Jason Wharton

Your understanding of what I have done doesn't appear to be accurate. Things
are better than you describe.

I have added a property to the connection/database component that defaults
to automatic handling of the parameter ordering issue. IBO will look at what
version of server you are using and if necessary prepare a query
deliberately setup to inquire what parameter ordering the server is using.
IBO will handle either case of parameter ordering, old or new.

The only reason someone would want to fuss with it is if they know they will
never change their firebird version 1.5 to use old parameter ordering and so
with IBO they can just set it from Auto to poNew. Or, if they are using an
older version of InterBase/Firebird (prior to ODS10) then they could set it
to poOld but I detect that and ignore the check anyway.

Jason Wharton