Subject Re: [IBO] OldParameterOrdering
Author Luiz Alves
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From: "Jason Wharton" <jwharton@...>

> > Will a newer IBO version solve the problem?
> Yes, the next one will. I have added two properties to the IB_Connection
> class.
> ParameterOrder can be set to poAuto, poOld and poNew.
> It will default to poAuto which will cause it to do a test query against
> server to determine which parameter ordering scheme the server is using.
> The second property is OldParameterOrder which simply tells which method
> is using. This property is read only and can be accurately read after the
> connection has been made.
> It's unfortunate I have to trade a snappy connection for interoperability,
> but this is only for the default setting. If you are certain your server
> will be one way or another then you can set it to behave a certain way
> without a check. I'll also try and detect older server versions that
> have the setting and suppress the check since they for sure use the old
> param ordering scheme.

Will It be back ported to IBO 3.6x?