Subject Re: [IBO] OldParameterOrdering
Author Jason Wharton
> Will a newer IBO version solve the problem?

Yes, the next one will. I have added two properties to the IB_Connection

ParameterOrder can be set to poAuto, poOld and poNew.
It will default to poAuto which will cause it to do a test query against the
server to determine which parameter ordering scheme the server is using.

The second property is OldParameterOrder which simply tells which method it
is using. This property is read only and can be accurately read after the
connection has been made.

It's unfortunate I have to trade a snappy connection for interoperability,
but this is only for the default setting. If you are certain your server
will be one way or another then you can set it to behave a certain way
without a check. I'll also try and detect older server versions that didn't
have the setting and suppress the check since they for sure use the old
param ordering scheme.

Jason Wharton