Subject RE: [IBO] IBO 4.2.I / Firebird1.5 / Windows 2000 Advanced Server / Delphi 6 problem
Author Marv Cook

The offending statement is:

(form.Components[i] as

It was in my save form parameters to an INI file.

It runs fine on any computer which does not have Firebird installed, so I
not sure it is failing on a call to GDS32.dll which does not exist at all on
the other machines. (I could be wrong though.)

This seems more a problem with IBO ~ Firebird 1.5 interaction problem.


>>Something in that unit was making a call to gds32.dll that was unresolved
>>by the application. Presumably, if removing IB_Components from the uses
>>list fixed it without breaking your application, you had something left
>>there making a loose call to gds32.dll. Dr W. gets uptight about that.