Subject Re: [IBO] KeyLinks Was: Setting TIBODatabase.DataBaseName property
Author Andreas Bednarek
>Doesn't have to be a primary key but it does have to be unique for the data
>being queried from. That's an important distinction between data queried
>from and data returned into the buffers. The KeyLinks columns are used to
>uniquely identify data on the server as well as data in the buffer.
>You can have more than one column in the KeyLinks. Though, it will consume
>more memory in the buffers because they are not trimmed and compressed. I
>suggest you use a surrogate key if possible.

Yes, now I understand. First I got the impression, that the may be just one
column, pre KeyLinks (although then it would be probably named KeyLink...:)

>> Letting the KeyLinksAutoDefine to True should work fine, shouldn't it?

I checked the autodefined settings with my tables, the KeyLinks were set
exactly as I did manually after then.

>PS. Please ask questions in an appropriately labelled message. One per
>unless somehow inter-related.


Thanks, have a nice day