Subject Setting TIBODatabase.DataBaseName property
Author Andreas Bednarek
Hello everyone,

in a recent thread here I realised, that setting the DataBaseName property of TIBODatabase component is not recommended and there was a reason for it. Now I will speak here about two database connections, remote and local (anybody has more ideas? :-).

I found out that setting this property to a local path like:

DataBaseName := 'd:\MyApp\data.fdb';

Automatically sets the other properties this way:
Server := '';
Protocol := cpLocal;
Path := 'd:\MyApp\data.fdb';

Setting DataBaseName to a remote path like this:

DataBaseName := 'HPComp:D:\MyApp\data.fdb';


Server := 'HPComp';
Protocol := cpTCPIP; //fortunately :-)
Path := 'd:\MyApp\data.fdb';

Well, seems like it works the intelligent way. Anybody has suggestions about setting that property be good or bad?


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