Subject Re: [IBO] [OT] IBO / Firebird1.5 can't work with remote DB
Author Andreas Bednarek
Hello Helen,

>> DataBaseName := 'C:\Program files\FPNet1\FPNet1_Data.fdb';

>This is wrong:
>should be
>> Path := 'C:\Program files\FPNet1\FPNet1_Data.fdb';

>> Protocol := cpTCP_IP;
>> Server := 'andris';
>> Connect;

Uh. I'm getting skeptical, didn't help again I also restarted both computers
and took care to that appropriate fbserver on the server machine be running.

At start I was not sure which property to set. I will use Path as you
recommend, but in our case I think it worked as follows:
Setting DataBaseName := 'somestring', while Protocol = cpLocal sets also the
Path property to 'somestring' as I noticed in the Object Inspector at design
time. Then Changing Protocol to cpTCP_IP and setting the Server property
should change the DataBaseName appropritely (due to Path already set),
shouldn't it? I read somewhere that this properties are synchronised this
way. However setting the Path is sure a better way (e.g. if I would set
DataBaseName after setting Protocol and Server).

I Open all TIBOTables the same way. Tell me why I am able to open and read
the remote 'ADMINS' table? This shows that the connection works. After I
close any table THEN I get into trouble.

>Yes: I can see what the problem is. You have remote clients trying to use
>Windows-local connect. Just fixing that Path property will do it. Don't
>set DatabaseName - IBO will construct that for you.

Btw. I checked the contens of the DataBaseName property at runtime, before
and after Connect it is 'andris:C:\Program files\...', I mean it contains
the right path, and before the critical Open call as well.

>Just one thing: do you have a default character set in your
>database? Your TIBOTable would crash if you do, because you are not
>setting the client character set here - or are you perhaps doing that
>somewhere in the code, before connecting?

I don't have a character set specified in the database.

Any idea, how could I test deeper, what's going on? As I say every DB tool
like IBExpert or IB_SQL seems to work fine with the DB.

I'm a newbie to IBObjects as well as Firebird. Maybe I'm missing some
important information to tell you. I got to IBO/FB a few days ago, when I
had the urgent need to convert existing BDE/Paradox application to IBO/FB.
Never seen a SQL database before, everything went OK thanks to IBObjects
while working with local database.