Subject Re: [IBO] IBO / Firebird1.5 can't work with remote DB
Author Helen Borrie
At 02:50 PM 23/10/2003 +0200, you wrote:
>Yes thanks!
>Ok, I stopped the services on the client machine, gds32.dll and fbclient.dll
>are certainly there, those from the FB1.5 pack downloaded from
> On the server there are fbguard and fbserver
>services running (installed with help of the install_super.bat from the
>orig. package), the libs are there, too.
>The problem remains exactly the same. I am able to connect to the remote DB,
>open first table in my app, and close it.
>When trying to open another table I get the same error. I noticed the piece
>which says
> >Application didn't call WSAStartup, or WSAStartup was not succesfull.
>So before I tried to open the second table I did a WSAStartup and everything
>went fine. Because this and the next tables are only opened in the startup
>part of my application, but any are being closed, I launched my app
>But when trying to exit, after the first IBOTable.Close call, the next Close
>call ends up with exactly the same error as described before.
>I would't expect, that I need to call WSAStartup after each IBOTable.Close
>to keep it working...

True. IBO doesn't call WSAStartup, the FbClient does.

It sounds almost as if the database connection is not being made before the
datasets are opened. Take a look at the CreationOrder and make sure that
the IBODatabase gets created before the query objects.

Are you doing this in your FormCreate?

with IBODatabase do
if not Connected then Connect;

Also check to make sure the client has the server name and the proper
static IP address in the HOSTS file.

This is off-topic for IBO, except that, if you post the IBODatabase
definition from the DFM file, along with the two offending queries, we
might be able to work out whether you are missing some property.