Subject IB_NavBar with captions
Author radevojvodic
Hi all,

I asked about possibility of captions in IB bars several times. Now,
i've made a changes to a navigation bar so it can show captions on
buttons. The file is in the file section of the group. What i would
like to ask is if Jason could take a look at it and to say if it
could be incorporated in the next release of IBObjects. If so, i'm
willing to make changes to all bars of the ibobjects. It looks great
especially if program is started under windows XP. All the changes
are commented with //?RV so you can just search for that in delphi
editor. The other thing is that i did not play with Minsize of the
buttons if ShowCaptions := True but i don't think that should be a

Jason, please answer just to let me know if i should wait for new
version of ibobjects or i should find some other solution for my

Rade Vojvodic