Subject RE: [IBO] Compatibility with TurboSync
Author Alan McDonald
are you using the trustware version?
there's a nag screen which doesn't like being called from dll's

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> Subject: [IBO] Compatibility with TurboSync
> Has anybody had any experience with TurboSync and IBObjects?
> TurboSync is a set of Delphi components for creating data conduit
> dlls for transferring data to and from Palm devices.(See
> The dll is registered with Palm's HotSync program and is called
> whenever the Palm device is docked.
> Putting Borland data access components into the DLL works ok.
> IBO components compile OK, but give a runtime error 217 as soon as
> the dll is loaded. The odd thing is that removing the component, and
> removing all references to the component, does not fix the problem.
> You have to remove the IB_Components unit from the uses clause. Then
> it works again.
> What happens in the unit as the dll is called which could cause an
> error even if no IB components are created?