Subject Has anyone experienced this?
Author dr_bentonquest
Hi there,

I'm being tortured by strange lock-ups of a Delphi 7 IBO application.
Application worked fine for months, but suddenly the problem arised:
sometimes the client computers freeze when opening a query, sometimes
when closing the application. Sometimes in neither case, though (all

Sometimes, a query is executed instantly while at some other time the
same query takes up several seconds to complete, giving the
impression that the PC is locked-up. And, sometimes, this very same
query (same parameters and all) hangs the computer.

The thing seems to be random on all the W98 terminals. However, one
of the terminals is running W2K and everything's fine there, all the

I've done many tests, to no avail. I moved the FireBird server and
the database (with gbak) from the W2K server to a Linux box. I
changed the network hub (even connected some of the terminals
directly to the server with a crossover cable.) I formatted the HD on
the terminals and re-installed W98 plus the FB client. Sweeped and
validated the database.

Still, the very same problem persists.

This happens at my client's office. At my development site, with a
W98 terminal (where Delphi is) and a Linux server, I've experienced
just one lock-up in months, yesterday, when closing Delphi.

Before I consider going back to Delphi 5 or try a different
connection suite, I'd like to hear what do you think.

I'm using Delphi 7, Orpheus 4.06, IBO 4.2I, and FireBird 1.0.

Thanks in advance for any opinion,