Subject Re[2]: [IBO] IBO for .net
Author Carlos
Porting IBO to .Net is not a so easy task. Just try to compile any
common win32 apps in Delphi7 and you will get tons of warnings about
.Net compatibility. One example: there is no pointers at all in .Net.


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>> ummm ... I really don't fully understand about the .net thing, but
>> does IBO can relate or support the .net?
>> How about IBO to be use in Borland C# builder is that possible?
>> Do we really need IBO to work with .net?

AM> interesting question
AM> to use .NET you need to use managed code
AM> with the new Delphi coming out soon, it should be able to compile your
AM> pascal source (including IBO source) into managed code.
AM> However, the gds32.dll or fbclient.dll client library is not now (and I
AM> don't see any work being done to make it) managed code.

AM> But winforms will be around for quite some time to come too, so as Lester
AM> says - do we need .NET?

AM> There is a .NET driver for FB which is getting pretty good. You need to use
AM> c# or VB.NET to take advantage of it I think. It has a client library
AM> included as part of the managed code driver.

AM> I think it might be a lot of work to get IBO's pascal source to use the
AM> managed code .NET driver...

AM> And I'm not sure if I have contradicted myself here somewhere.. :-)

AM> Alan

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