Subject RE: [IBO] IBO for .net
Author Alan McDonald
> ummm ... I really don't fully understand about the .net thing, but
> does IBO can relate or support the .net?
> How about IBO to be use in Borland C# builder is that possible?
> Do we really need IBO to work with .net?

interesting question
to use .NET you need to use managed code
with the new Delphi coming out soon, it should be able to compile your
pascal source (including IBO source) into managed code.
However, the gds32.dll or fbclient.dll client library is not now (and I
don't see any work being done to make it) managed code.

But winforms will be around for quite some time to come too, so as Lester
says - do we need .NET?

There is a .NET driver for FB which is getting pretty good. You need to use
c# or VB.NET to take advantage of it I think. It has a client library
included as part of the managed code driver.

I think it might be a lot of work to get IBO's pascal source to use the
managed code .NET driver...

And I'm not sure if I have contradicted myself here somewhere.. :-)