Subject some notes for IB help file
Author Gediminas
I would suggest to provide more info in IBObjects help file at least in
such topics as OrderingItems, OrderingLinks & SearchingLinks
For the first time it's impossible to understand used format - only
examples clarifies a little

Such questions truely comes by reading at first time (I figured it for
myself by reading group :)), so new readers need more information as it
provided now. That's my suggestion

Entries should be made in the following format:
< user readable name of sort >=< ascending ORDER BY criteria>[;< descending
ORDER BY criteria >
why user readable name of sort is needed at all? it never nowhere is used -
maybe only for user convenience. Short example would be great to (as Order
by name=Name;Name DESC)

where is describted ITEM keyword - what it is used for? POS?

It should be defined in this format:
[< tablename >.]< columnname >=< parametername >
what do I need to write instead parametername? where it from comes? is it
paramname from IB_Edit?

--/ Gediminas /--
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