Subject Detail record disappearing
Author Ed Dressel
I have a number of M/D 1-to-1 relationships between a master IB
TIBOQuery object and similar detial ones. I check if there is a
record in the detail dataset and if not, append a record.

I am finding that in one situation when I post the detail record it
disappears. My code is:

qryMEA.Append; { Record Count goes to 1 }
qryMEA.Post; { Record Count goes to 0, should be '1' }
qryMEA.Refresh; { Record Count goes to 1 }

I get one record with the append, but it disappears after calling
the .Post and have to call the .Refresh to get it back. It is in the
DB correctly, I checked that.

In other seemingly similar situations (.Append & .Post) I don't have
to call the .Refresh as the record does not disappear from the

The SQL statements are pretty similar:

Select [FieldList] from TableName where CLIENT_ID = :CLIENT_ID

and the DataSource property is set accordingly.

Any suggestions of what to look at?

Ed Dressel