Subject Re: [IBO] orderinglinks where clause param Refreshing
Author Jason Wharton
If you have only 4 records in your table or results of the query then I
recommend you do NOT use the POS attribute of OrderingLinks. This is a
feature designed for very large datasets.

Also, by putting the POS attribute value to 1 you are causing it to focus on
one character length. When dealing with numeric columns I don't recommend
you use this feature unless you are locked into a series of digits that will
always have the same number of digits, avoiding leading zeros. Then, you can
set the POS attribute value to match the number of digits. This way it will
all work together well. Otherwise, confusing results will develop with

Jason Wharton

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Subject: [IBO] orderinglinks where clause param Refreshing

> Hi,
> I'm posting this message again, because it seems to be a bug and the
> message may have been ignored the first time.
> I'm having the following problem with orderinglinks
> SQL Statement:
> Param:
> MYParam = 'N'
> ....
> ....
> Example Data:
> 1,Y
> 2,N
> 3,N
> 4,Y
> 5,Y
> 6,Y
> Problem
> (All this happens in a grid.)
> When I open the table everything is perfect, I only see my 4 records.
> But if I move my cursor to ID 4, then press REFRESH Button (Nav Bar)
> ID 2, 3 APPEAR!.
> I've traced it with the SQL Monitor to verify that my param isn't
> lost. The SQLMonitor tells me the Param is assigned 'N'. So thats
> not the problem.
> If I remove POS=1 from my Ordering Links so that it looks like the
> following:
> ....
> ....
> Everything works fine. But if I use ANY Pos it seems to ignore the param.
> Besides this problem... Everything is fine. I'm currently not using
> the POS, but I'd like use it, for it increases the speed of my searches.
> Thank you.
> Have a nice day.