Subject Re: [IBO] IB_EXPORTDialog...
Author Jason Wharton
I think the older version of DBF files only supported numeric data type. I
am using lowest common denominator format.

How is this a problem for you since it will simply store the number as
alpha-numeric text and zero decimal places.


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Subject: [IBO] IB_EXPORTDialog...

> Thank you Helen for the indication.
> I've notice one thing in the export to DBF format :
> Longint Field (of a firebird database) seems to be converted to float
> field...
> This may produce an error if there are values in the field.
> (I've wrote a simple SQL instruction in the SQL property of the
> IB_exportDialog :
> Select * from my DATABASE...)
> I'm using the 4.2Ie version of IBO...
> Michel LE CLEZIO.