Subject Re: [IBO] searchpanel question (calculated field)
Author Gediminas
using male/female searching (searchpanel filters needed records)- to
display results, that person is female or male I use calculated fields (in
TIB_Grid) - however, oncalculatedfields method of a query isn't called
(column is created, but with an empty values)
Have tried to set calculateallfields, but got access violation error :-/
Question is, when & who calls sets OnCalculateFields event?
calculateallfields seems to be redundant work

if ( AField->FieldName == "Gender" )
//ARow->ByName( "Gender_smallint" )->AsSmallintBoolean ?
AField->AsString = "Male" : AField->AsString = "Female"; <-- doesn't
work-need explicit = use ;)
if ( ARow->ByName( "Gender_smallint" )->AsSmallint )
AField->AsString = "Male";
AField->AsString = "Female";

--/ Gediminas /--
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