Subject Re: [IBO] searchpanel question
Author Gediminas
Yes, tested in edit mode - no checkbox :-/

At 2003.10.06 12:55, you wrote:
>Did you test that in edit mode? It should appear on the current row if
>AutoEdit is true, otherwise it will appear when you call the relevant
>method Edit/Insert/Delete. btw, the checkbox in the grid isn't actually an
>embedded TIB_CheckBox, it's an internal mechanism.

yes, 1-male,0-female. I understand your point - I thought, that searchpanel
can have embedded tib_radiogroup or change checkbox with radiogroup. But
this workaround is good too
btw, Jason, it would be great for searchpanel (query? connection?) to have
an option to select, how to represent bool as checkbox or 2 state
radiogroup. It's suggestion as some time ago you wroted

>1 = Male, 0 = Female?
>Well, I think if you always use 1=true and 0=False you could easily use
>TIB_RadioGroup as it already is.
>Have the OnChange event just do this:
>MyRadioGroup.ItemIndex := MyQuery.FieldByName('aField').AsInteger;

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