Subject Re: [IBO] IB_Grid and variable row heights
Author Bob Zirbel

Thanks for your detailed reply.

I agree with you about using a grid for data entry. It is just that
in this case a grid makes it very easy to review previous notes
before entering new ones.

The ACT! contact management system uses a variable row height grid
for its note data entry and it is very effective.

Thanks again.



--- In, Geoff Worboys <geoff@t...> wrote:
> > The grid rows need to vary their heights to accomodate and
> > display multi-line notes.
> TIB_Grid is not designed to support variable height rows.
> All its calculations are based on the assumption that all
> rows are the same height.
> > I tried setting the DrawCellTextOptions to ShowBlobText as
> > suggested by Geoff Worboys but it doesn't seem to have any
> > affect.
> It should cause the blobs to be displayed. Note however that
> the blobs must be recognisable as text blobs (they must be
> defined as subtype 1), without this the code has no way of
> identifying whether the blobs are text or binary.
> > My question is: Am I wasting my time trying to use an IB_Grid
> > for this purpose or is there a grid component available that
> > will do the job?
> If you want the rows to be variable in height then I think
> TIB_Grid will not do the job. If you dont mind making all the
> rows the same height (perhaps two lines or something) then it
> may be able to do what you want. Note that you can also
> configure the grid to auomatically display a notes editor
> dialog when that field is selected - perhaps that would be OK?
> A separate thread is discussing TIB_CtrlGrid, but it has its
> own set of limitations so it may or may not achieve what you
> want.
> Everyone seems so keen on trying to present editable grids to
> the user - grids are not the only way to do things, IMO they
> are not even preferable as an editing interface since they
> make the keyboard interface so confusing.
> Split interfaces (either side-by-side, or above-below) can
> often offer what you need. One part shows the grid of rows
> matching your search conditions and the other shows the
> editable details of the currently selected row. Configured
> correctly this is still easy to navigate and keeps everything
> clear an obvious to the user (all IMHO of course :-)
> --
> Geoff Worboys
> Telesis Computing