Subject Re: [IBO] control grid problem
Author Geoff Worboys
> I have successfully setup a lookupcombobox. For some reason
> I feel that the lookupcombobox is very limited so I replace
> the lookupcombobox with controlgrid.

I find this statement really confusing. Can you please use
full accurate class names so we know exactly what you are
talking about.

In particular "replace the lookupcombobox with controlgrid"
does not make sense to me, since they are totally different
components and it does not seem relevant to replace one with
the other.

As for TIB_CtrlGrid (what I presume you are talking about when
you say "controlgrid") it does have some limitations concerning
what controls it will accept on its panels - for example it
will not accept TIB_RichEdit (or any other control that does
not have csReplicatable in Control.ControlStyle).

I dont know if it will accept TIB_LookupCombo or not, but if
it does you can expect some problems due to the way that both
the TIB_CtrlGrid and TIB_LookupCombo work. You may be able to
reduce the problems by ensuring that you define KeyDescLinks in
your lookup dataset (as you would when using TIB_LookupCombo on
a TIB_Grid).

To be honest though - I cannot see TIB_LookupCombo working
properly on TIB_CtrlGrid (hopefully someone will correct me if
this is supposed to work). TIB_LookupCombo cannot be used in
a "shared lookup" situation (multiple controls using the same
lookup dataset) which is effectively what you are trying to
do when using TIB_LookupCombo on TIB_CtrlGrid.

My own enhanced lookup TIB_LookupEnh does support shared lookup
datasets, but I have never tried it on TIB_CtrlGrid.

Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing