Subject Re: control grid problem ???
Author james_027
After working for hours ... (by the way I forget to tell that
another difference between the control grid besides the number of
records is that the 2 control grid is on the same form where the
ib_query and datasource is while the 3rd and slow control grid is on
the other form.) After I put the 3rd control gird into the same form
where the ib_query and datasource is ... then everything is fast
again ... I wonder how is having control on the different form

I try to put the control grid back to the other form with the
ib_query and datasource it needs.... but the ib_query.keysource is
on the other form, still very slow.

can somebody give me some notes on this one?


--- In, "james_027" <james_027@y...> wrote:
> I have successfully setup a lookupcombobox. For some reason I
> that the lookupcombobox is very limited so I replace the
> lookupcombobox with controlgrid. I have 3 lookupcombobox replace
> with control grid the first two works fine, but the third one has
> problem, I makes the application very busy. And when I take a look
> at the taskmanager, I found out that the application is using the
> cpu intensively. I only difference I see between the 3 controlgrid
> is that the third one has more record ... about less than 50.
> the others has only less than 10 records.
> I have done something wrong? I reason I replace the lookcombobox
> with control grid is because of the Colcount where I can display
> more records without scrolling. lookuplist also doesn't have
> colcount I think.
> Can somebody help me?
> thanks