Subject Re: [IBO] Distribute an application with security
Author Artur Anjos
You must use a secure OS and treat permissions there. Since you will be
running single-user application my suggestion will be to run the server as
an application just for that user, or use Firebird 1.5 embebbed.

This will solve your problem in W2K and XP Pro, but you will have that
problem in any other win.


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Subject: [IBO] Distribute an application with security

> I am starting a new project for small clients (mostly single-user),
> and I want to choose Firebird/IBO because it is affordable and has
> some database security. The problem is how can I setup a database
> that is secure(no one can open this database except a certain user
> name and password).
> I can setup a certain user name and password, but then the user can
> override my security by installing isc4.gdb which will allow him to
> access everything using SYSDBA user name. (right?)
> Any suggestions or comments?