Subject Re: [IBO] 2nd Post. Please confirm TIB_Dataset.Modified usage
Author Jason Wharton
Setting a value in a direct fashion will cause the modified flag to be set.
Using the Assign() method will suppress that flag if the values are the
There is also a flag with native IBO datasets that you can increment and
decrement if you want it to suppress this on column assignments.
I apologize I don't know its syntax off the top of my head. Take a look
around and if you don't find it in the sources or help file readily let me
know and I'll hunt it down. If you have full source you can look in the
implementation of the TIB_Column setter methods and get its name where it is
checking for the flag's setting.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

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Subject: [IBO] 2nd Post. Please confirm TIB_Dataset.Modified usage

> When using a query, I had assumed that I could update all the fields
> of a row and TIB_Dataset.Modified would only be flagged as true if
> the data had actually changed.
> I'm finding that setting a field to the same value will set the
> modified flag to true. Do I have to manually compare every field with
> it's new data to detect if the row has changed?
> I'm sure this wasn't the case originally, but I don't know if I've
> accidently changed a property in order to give this new behaviour.
> David
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