Subject Re: [IBO] dssEdit
Author Dave Bullar
"Helen Borrie" <helebor@...> wrote in message
> At 05:59 PM 26/01/2003 +0000, Dave Bullard wrote:
> >So I try to use DataPump.
> Dave, the scenario below isn't a DataPump situation...
> >I have a table of 'bookings'
> >I have a table of 'addresses'; a table of 'people'; a table of 'items'
> >Each booking can have one or more 'addresses'
> >each address one or more people.
> >each person one or more items.
> >['As I was going to St Ives' etc].
> >
> >So I make a Master-detail-subdetail-subsubdetail link between the
> >tables then I only have to select from bookings where booknum = 12345
> >and I have the lot constrained.
> I guess this thread is now in one big woolly mess. Where do you "send"
> these data?
*to a central database*
>. I'll try to finger it and you can
> correct my wrong assumptions...
> This structure above is a query over tables in database B.

> You want an interactive user to pinpoint one complete Bookings structure
> and copy it across to exactly matching tables in database A. Database A
> has different primary keys on all tables, but you want to preserve the
> relationships as formed in database B.

> Not. Datapump maps columns in a source set with columns in a target
> set. What you appear to have here is a replication system that lacks one
> essential: global keys. If this is the case, then you have to get your
> structures sorted before you try to implement something.

Since the whole batch of records belongs to one 'booking', I suppose the
'BookingNumber' would be a 'global key'.?
The structure is very simple (too simple ?)
I have a booking record.
Associated with the booking are a group of people (a family or school party
or friends).
But since more than one person may be at a given adddress I have first a set
of 'address' records associated with the booking.
And a set of people ('user') records associated with each address.
Each person has a number of items (hat coat goggles umberella) etc
associated with her/him
So I have an 'item' record for each item associated with a person.

Thus the whole batch of records are tied together by a link to the one
(I could put the booking number on every record, but didnt see the need for
that, is that what a 'global key' is ?)
> >ANother problem I cannot see my way around with a datapump is if I
> >use a trigger to set the primary keys at the server how can I get the
> >values to put as foreign keys in the level below ?
> Exactly. With a datapump or anything else, this isn't "another thing", but
> the main thing you need to address. There's not enough detail so far
> the timing of this replication operation, but the IBO replication
> components provide good encapsulation for what I think you want to do.
> But I emphasise the need to get the db structures right first.
> Helen
OK Helen thank again for your interest. I find your comment very useful and
I hope you are well away from those dreadful fires !


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