Subject Re: Installing the IBO Help file in Delphi 7
Author alvarezje_mx <>
Another question: Should I see "InterBase Objects Reference" in the
Project tab of the OpenHelp system? It wasn't there (just "Delphi
Help") until I added the IBO40.cnt with the 'Add files' button.
Unfortunately, adding this entry does not solve the problem either.


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<alvarezje@h...> wrote:
> Hi there,
> I can't integrate IBO4 help file into Delphi 7 help system. I've
> followed the D6 instructions and modified all D7.* files
> (ohc,ohi,ohl,cnt) to add IBO4 support, but still no joy. One thing
> can see is that there is no *.gid file anywhere on my HD than I can
> delete.
> I would like to hear some success stories and/or hints for D7.
> Thanks in advance,
> -Jorge