Subject Re: [IBO] Installing the IBO Help file in Delphi 7
Author Helen Borrie
At 11:31 PM 24/01/2003 +0000, you wrote:
>Hi there,
>I can't integrate IBO4 help file into Delphi 7 help system. I've
>followed the D6 instructions and modified all D7.* files
>(ohc,ohi,ohl,cnt) to add IBO4 support, but still no joy. One thing I
>can see is that there is no *.gid file anywhere on my HD than I can
>I would like to hear some success stories and/or hints for D7.

Success story I can't provide, since I don't have D7. Did you use the
pieces in the little kit that comes with the IBO
helpfile? ( In there is a file named IBO40.cnt - which is
DIFFERENT to the file of the same name that is used for the stand-alone
helpfile. Its text currently is as follows:

:Base IBO40.hlp>main
:Title InterBase Objects Reference
:Index InterBase Objects Reference=IBO40.hlp
:Include delphi6.ohl <--- modify this line
:Include IBO40.toc

You need to edit the line I marked above.

And, of course, the various edit_* files in that kit (containing text to
copy and paste into the corresponding files in the Delphi help system) need
to have "6" replaced by "7" in all cases.

If there is no gid file, it's not a problem! It just means that you
haven't opened that helpfile yet. WinHelp builds a new gid file if it
doesn't find one there.