Subject RE: [IBO] TIB_Cursor or TIB_Query ?
Author Thomas Steinmaurer
> Hi all,
> i need some advice... I have to create a form for insert
> in a structure like this :
> A -> Table
> B -> Detail with FK to A
> C -> Detail with FK to B
> D -> Detail with FK to C
> What components advice me to use ? TIB_Cursor or TIB_Query ? Or a
> combination ?

It depends on your needs ...

TIB_Query is a buffered, bi-directional component, which
is used if you need a backward/forward scrollable result
set, e.g. if you want to "attach" the result set to a
browseable data grid.

TIB_Cursor is the opposite. Unbuffered, uni-directional,
so not the best choice if you want to browse through the
data in both directions, but the best one for reporting,
table scans (e.g. exporting, assigning values to parametrized
queries, ...), ...