Subject Re: [IBO] IB_Grid and footer
Author Dmitry Beloshistov
Hello, Dany!
You wrote in conference egroups.ibobjects to <> on
Tue, 21 Jan 2003 22:35:29 +0100:

>> I tested the footer from the BDSLib and the are working but
>> I can't connect them to the hor.scrollbar from the IB_Grid and so the
>> sums are not under the correct colum if I scroll to the reight.

DM> I tested the BDSLib too. If you are speaking of TIB_AggregateHeader
DM> then I can tell you that I did not experience the problem you are
DM> referring to. I set the IB_Grid property to the grid in question and
DM> it worked. It might be important to set the Dataset property to the
DM> same Dataset that the grid's
DM> DataSource property is pointing too.

Yes, it true, but...
For correct work horizontal scrolling connected TIB_Grid and
TIB_AgregateHeader (both controls at one time) you must use TIB_GridColor
(TIB_Grid with some new functionality) from BDSLib instead standard
TIB_Grid. In this case scrolling should be work...

WBR, Dmitry Beloshistov AKA [-=BDS=-]
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