Subject AutoFetchAll in Lookup datasets
Author Norman Dunbar
Afternoon all,

I'm playing around again, and in the course of said playing, I've noticed
that regardless of the setting of AutoFetchAll on a query used as the
DataSource for an IB_LookupCombo, that the whole set of rows selected by the
query seems to be pulled over from the server anyway. (Using SQLMonitor)

I'm opening the lookup query before the main query gets opened, so I know
from the monitor that all rows have been pulled down prior to the main query
being opened.

Before I go delving into the source, can anyone confirm that this is the
case please. I'm writing up a small tutorial article and this could be
relevant. I suspect, ut don't know for sure, that if the KeyLinks is a
'paired keylinks' then AutoFetchAll is (internally) set true regardless.

Of course, I could just be barking up the wrong tree again ......


PS. Hope none of the Aussies on the list are affected by the fires - it
looks pretty bad down under at the moment. I have a friend (on another news
group) in Canberra that I haven't heard from yet and I'm a bit worried.

Norman Dunbar
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