Subject Re: [IBO] speed problems after BDE conversion for IBO
Author Flavio Vieira de Macedo:.
The problem that I found is just that selects done dynamically stay very
slow in IBO, The solution was going to transform this ones selects in
procedures in the property pay for what increased very the speed.

This option was going given by the Jason and I thank very to all that helped
us with this problem.

Flavio Vieira de Macedo:.


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Subject: Re: [IBO] speed problems after BDE conversion for IBO

> Hi Joe!
> At 10:14 17.01.2003 -0800, you wrote:
> >Just for the record, I did notice the same type of thing when converting
> >from BDE to IBO. Many things were faster, but some were slower, and I
> >to re-do some things to get the speed back.
> Just curious about what things were slower and to what magnitude they were
> slower. Flavio said the BDE was three times faster than IBO for his case,
> and if that is the case we should be aware of what makes IBO crawl and
> to recommend people facing that problem on this list.
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