Subject Re: [IBO] "Cannot open file" error
Author Joe Martinez
> >Tip: hard-wire TCP/IP and give 'localhost' for the Server in the case
> >where you are sure that the client and the server are on the same
> >box. cpLocal is very flukey and it's certainly not thread-safe.


I've got to thinking more about this. Could you explain a bit more about
how cpLocal is very flukey and not thread-safe?

How is it flukey?

When you say it's not thread safe, do you mean that it makes my client app
non-thread-safe, or it makes the server process non-thread-safe? What
kinds of problems would you expect to see, using it? Do you mean that it's
bad to use in any circumstance, or that it's bad to have both cpLocal and
TCP/IP connected to the same server, or that an app using cpLocal shouldn't
be run more than once, or that a single instance of an app shouldn't have
more than one cpLocal connection, etc.