Subject Re: [IBO] Help on properties, methods ...
Author Lester Caine
rlssv wrote:
> Is there a better help and/or documentation for properties and
> methods of TIBOTable and TIBOquery than is teh case in the help file.
> Example:
> -----------------------
> GeneratorLinks property
> Applies to
> TIBOQuery
> Declaration
> property GeneratorLinks;
> ------------------------
> What is the purpose of the property and how do I use it ???
> (Don't answer this specific question, but tell me how do I generally
> get help !)

The TIBOQuery etc., stuff is a mirror of the TQuery so the
normal Borland help file covers them. There are a few
additions, however such as GeneratorLinks, and for which
more detail is found in the TIB_Query which is what
TIBOQuery is wrapping up to look like TQuery for TDataset

Although you may not be using the IBO Native stuff, most of
the facilities that are IBO are documented there. For
example 'GeneratorLinks' tells IBO which field links to
which generator, so that the autoedit functions can get the
next entry and still make the new record available to edit.

One way to check some of this out is to look at the
examples. The help for GeneratorLinks directs you to the
Contact Sample.

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services