Subject Re[2]: [IBO] Remote connection
Author Daniel Rail

> The not so fun part about it is you still have all the chatter of a
> client/server application.
> Not that I am trying to do myself out of any business but you really should
> look at something that will have the middle layer on a remote machine rather
> than two layers together in your client.

Actually kbmMW is a replacement for MIDAS and a competitor to ASTA.
We are using kbmMW in a project right now, where we have 2 different
interfaces, one is a thin-client in Windows and the other is an ISAPI
for the web. And, they both connect to the same middle layer. And,
that middle layer is configured in a way that the back-end can be
Firebird or MS-SQL(project specs) and the end-user don't even know it.

> IBO is great for two tier stuff but if you are going to go multi-tier than
> by all means leverage it to the fullest and push all your raw database
> access away from your client. This is much better scalability as well as
> security.

I totally agree. kbmMW also supports encryption and compression,
which is nice.

> There is a product called RemObjects, a Project Dionysus member that I think
> you should take a look at. Please take the link off my home page and follow
> the product information.

Unfortunately, when we were looking at n-tier components(10 months
ago), I wasn't aware of RemObjects.

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