Subject Re: [IBO] Remote connection
Author Jason Wharton
The not so fun part about it is you still have all the chatter of a
client/server application.
Not that I am trying to do myself out of any business but you really should
look at something that will have the middle layer on a remote machine rather
than two layers together in your client.

IBO is great for two tier stuff but if you are going to go multi-tier than
by all means leverage it to the fullest and push all your raw database
access away from your client. This is much better scalability as well as

There is a product called RemObjects, a Project Dionysus member that I think
you should take a look at. Please take the link off my home page and follow
the product information.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

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> Hi,
> > Hi list,
> > any one knows a good component to connect to a remote
> > Interbase/Firebird Database via Interbase?
> > We've tried ASTA, wich is good, easy but quite expensive for us.
> Try kbmMW (, it has support for IBO.
> And at the moment, it's US$189 for version 0.93, when version 1.0
> officially comes out it's going to be US$289. The fun part about it,
> it's royalty free.
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