Subject Newbie: How to find a record in an IB_Grid. Help Please..
Author micarnal <>
I am currently writing an application using the IB_Query & IB_Grid
components. I have a database populated with about 5,000 users,using
the following query (qryUserInfo) to connect to an IB_Grid:

Select * from "CombinedUserInfo"
order by "FirstName", "LastName"

"CombinedUserInfo" is a view table consisting of four tables. My
problem is, when I need to go to a particular record in the IB_Grid
I do this:

qryUserInfo.Locate('UserID', UserID, []);

This seems to take a very long time to find the record. Sometimes it
is very fast but most often it is very very slow about a minute or
more. Is there a better way to locate a particular record in the
grid without downloading all the records everytime I do a search.

I would apreciate any help. Are there some flags I should be setting
somewhere on these components?

Thanks Paul.