Subject Re: [IBO] Multithreading (was: Access violations in ibserver.exe and gds32.dll)
Author Arno Garrels
Hi Jason & Christian,

> > It's not a flaw at all. In fact to do it the way you seem to
> > imply would be
> > a flaw in my opinion. Here's why.

> I think I understand what you mean, but I am not really sure.
> If you have the time, it would be great if you could elaborate.

I think I did NOT understand what Jason said, I would appreciate as well if
Jason could light the dark.

Here is my example:
I've made a socket server that authenticates clients by a query on a FB
table (in fact it does a little more:). Each time a client logs on, I start
a thread for that task. If I wouldn't do that and multiple clients logon
simultaneously, then they would be rejected because the server won't respond
to all requests.

Currently I cannot imagine how to manage it using just a single connection.

Arno Garrels