Subject RE: [IBO] About "Record was not located to update"
Author Alan McDonald
hav you declared the generator links?

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Subject: [IBO] About "Record was not located to update"

Hello Helen.

You reply for my message on IBObjects Yahoo groop:

Hi All.

I need help!!!!!!!!

I using IBObjects components for migrating
application from DBase to Interbase.

Even if I try create very simple app.,
i have this problem.

On form I have IB_Connection,IB_Transaction,
IBOTable,DataSource and DBGrid components.
All components connected as required.
Now, if I try add record to table in DBGrid by pressing
"Down arrow" button on keyboard, next error arise.

I input value in first field of new record, then
go to another record, and then go back to last record.
Now if I try input value to any field of last record and
then go to another record,
"Record was not located to update" exception arise.

In Monitor output present this string:

CEHLIST.RDB$DB_KEY = DB_KEY <n> $0000000000000000

Thus, number of record in my table is not right.

I don't know, why.

Please help!!!!!!!

Thank you very much.

But what I would make
IF my table haven't Primary Key???????????????


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