Subject Re: [IBO] speed problems after BDE conversion for IBO
Author Svein Erling Tysvaer
the reason no-one has answered you is that you have not isolated your
problem. You need to discover what is being slow and then report your
findings to this list with a lot more detail. Maybe it has to do with using
too many transactions, but from what you have told us any advice will be
pure guesses.

The only thing I can say from your general description is that if you are
using Windows as your server, then it is a bad idea to have forced writes
off (it is faster than forced writes on, but one power failure on the
server and you get into trouble - at least that used to be the case).


At 17:43 13.01.2003 -0200, you wrote:
>We change our BDE's application am IBO and win speed in processes
>majority. In Sales system where there is process with several selects
>(+-15) I had speed decreased in 3X.
>Is there some parameter in these components that can be enabled of wrong
>form to to be losing all this speed ?
>I am with forced writes disable and transaction this like autocommit
>and isolation like read commited .
>The property AutoFetchAll also this false and all selects are being
>executed by PK.
>What it can be wrong. There is some parameter that can be decreasing so
>much the speed. I already checked the whole code and don't have no select
>that searches all of the table records.
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