Subject RE: [IBO] Master/Detail - AfterOpen
Author Helen Borrie
At 09:16 AM 12/01/2003 +1100, you wrote:

>There is no doubt that things are fast under this model and I don't often do
>things afteropen or before close but they should be called if that is indeed
>what is happening.

Forgive me if I'm missing your point...but, the Before and After Scroll
events of the controlling dataset are surely the place where you need to
perform actions that are contingent on the detail set in the m/d
relationship context.

The Refresh of the detail set buffer during the master's scroll event
involves a protected Close followed by a protected Open. Each detail set
exists exclusively in the context of the current master row, so it runs
against the integrity of the master/detail linking to treat the detail set
as if it were independent of the master row and expose its Open and Close
events during master scrolling.

When I want things to happen to the detail set before it opens or closes -
such as some kind of validation or transformation - I write datamodule
procedures for them, which I call from the master's scroll events. These
procs typically accept the detail's linking key and, often, some property
of the detail set, as arguments - pretty much the same way as Jason does it
in the components' methods.

But, as I commented earlier, I could be missing your point entirely...