Subject RE: [IBO] Master/Detail - AfterOpen
Author Alan McDonald
don't get me wrong.. I'm purely fascinated by this. I'd love to know how you
change a masterlink parameter without closing and opening (refreshing) the
detail dataset OR I suspect that the call to these events are missing - I
cetainly haven't dug into the source to verify.

There is no doubt that things are fast under this model and I don't often do
things afteropen or before close but they should be called if that is indeed
what is happening.

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Sent: Sunday, 12 January 2003 12:40 AM
Subject: Re: [IBO] Master/Detail - AfterOpen

> Lester, where can I read more about the implications of RefreshOpen? The
> help does not have too much - even up the hierarchy..
> FAQ: "raRowNum will reopen the dataset and go to the RowNum that it was on
> prior to the refresh. raDataPos uses the Bookmark to make it go to the
> record at which it was positioned before the refresh.
> (Jason Wharton)"

Need Jason to answer that I think. I am happy that my detail
set is not re-opened when I scroll the master, so perhaps it
me that is missing something. I just change the parameter in
a prepared query that feeds the detail.

> which suggests (more than that) that the dataset is, in fact, closed and
> "reopend(ed)". This would imply that the events should fire or more to the
> point, that the datasets actually close and re-open. What really happens
> the detail dataaset when the masterlink parameter is change via the master
> scrolling? I can not see details of this in the GSG or the FAQ...
> If the detail dataset, when set to raRowNum, does not close then open what
> is IB doing instead?

I have gone to a lot of trouble to avoid triggers that are
run too often. IBLogManager shows quite a few things up in
that respect and has helped me eliminate unneccessary
actions, so perhaps I am simply avoiding the 'problem'
rather than not seeing it <g>

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