Subject No success at SP&TRIGGER
Author Burak OZLER
Hi all

I wrote lots of SP to achive many tasks that must be done at Server side.. Most of the SP's call the others. When a user clicks a OK button at one of a Action modules at my program, 3 Main and 12 Sub SP runs sequentialy..

Becouse of not supporting Nested Transaction, I have to remove many refrential integrity rules at my server side becouse main modules and SP's running at separate transactions...

Most of the modules at my program starts a transaction for the record and another transaction runs the sp's before post or before delete. If any error occures at sp's I don't permit the user to commit the record transaction for data integrity.

At my tests I began to have "unassigned code" Error after running the SP's and after a long work I couldn't find any reason for the ERR. And one of my table runs 3 trigger and calls many SP I don't evet know wahot to do to them...

Now I'm moving the process codes from SP's to client side.. I'm so so sorry becouse I'm working for this project for 8 months and I have no chance to roll back to any other DB becouse I used IBObjects Native stuff.

My boss wants to hold the project in one month...

ANY ideas??

I use FireBird 1.0.2 and IBObjects 4.2.I


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