Subject Data Module Inheritance
Author paultugwell <>
I have just started a project where there will be a number of exe's
all using a common set of basic queries to which the queries specific
to the particular exe would be added. I thought I'd be clever and
create a data module containing these queries and save it in the
object repository. The data modules in the individual exe's would
then be created by inheritence. This work except for one thing. The
base datamodule contains a TIBODatabase with the DatabaseName
property set to SYS. When I create the inherited data module the
DatabaseName is shown as SYS_1. Connecting SYS_1 creates only one
connection to IB (as shown by IB_SQL) but SYS also shows as
connected. However, connecting SYS does not connect SYS_1.
Is this process valid and will it cause me any problems?