Subject Re: Turbopower goes Open Source
Author Marco Menardi <>
mmmm.. a lot of wonderful TDescendant components that I can't use in
my IBO native components program... sigh!
a) port Orpheus to native IBO (a fork, and a nightmare to realize and
update, I suppose)
b) go to IBO TDescendant, loosing a lot of C/S facilities...
c) Jason adds to IDescendant all tha IBO native magic...
I vote for c) ;))
Marco Menardi
btw, d) would be "improve IBO visual controls taking code from
Orpheus", but I think that GPL will not allow that. Hope they will
choose a license that let us use them in commercial, closed source,
applications. I'm a too small developer to open source my program and
survive :(

--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@t...> wrote:
> Hi all,
> Turbopower just announced that they are discontinuing retail
business with
> their Delphi (VCL and CLX) components and are open-sourcing them.
They are
> setting up a project on SourceForge and plan to have most of the source
> available there by the end of January.
> Full story: see
> cheers,
> Helen