Subject Re: IBO - Long time opened Query
Author Marco Menardi <>
Recently, for queries that are read only and that the user probably
will forget open for a long time, I've used the following setup:
link to a "readOnly" transaction
set CommitAction of the IB_Query to Invalidate Cursor
perform the open/refresh then explicitly Commit the transaction.
Since CommitAction is Invalidate Cursor, local buffers stay "open" and
the form shows the required data as long as you want.
The problem I've found is with the grid. If the user scrolls the grid,
further data is fethced and a new transaction is started, but I don't
know in what event Commit it again... (any idea?)
Marco Menardi

--- In, Ale¹ Kahánek <ales.kahanek@n...> wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a small question: suppose that there is a TIB_Query opened after
> application start and stays opened until the application is closed.
This can
> last several hours. The TIB_Query is opened in TIB_Transaction with
> AutoCommit=true.
> Question is: in multiuser environment, can this approach have
> impact on Firebird performance and resources, especially if there
are aprox.
> 10-20 of such queries in every application?
> Thank you
> Ales