Subject Can not cast Sender in OnError...
Author Dany Marmur
I cannot get the statement

Sender is TIB_Connection

in the OnError event handler for TIB_SessionProps to evaluate to True. Even
though I can see in the callstack that the HandleError function is called
from TIB_Statement.API_Execute with a TIB_Statement object for the Sender
parameter. Somewhere on the way in all those DoHandleError (in the debugger
it looks like the one in TIB_Session) it starts to eval to false but I'm not
exactly when. I have not been able to locate where the "STATEMENT:" info in
ErrorMessage is added but the fact it is tells me this is something that
should, or at least have to, happen.

Does a TSession component solve the problem? How do I go about. I
specifically want to call the StatementType property from within my error
handling event function. I'm only using TIB_SessionProps at the moment.