Subject Re: [IBO] Re: Connect to Database calls Generator
Author Florian Hector
Hello Marco,

I was trying for some time to find this "bad" call for the generator to step
up, but the only thing I could see is that it's some internal mechanism of
IBO who does it. Upon start of the application I connect to the the database
and then iterate through all the querys to activte them. The only lines of
own code are:

if not cnBestell.Connected then cnBestell.Connect;
for i := 0 to ComponentCount - 1 do
if Components[i] is TIB_Query then
with Components[i] as TIB_Query do
if not Active then
begin {if not Active}
end; {if not Active}

The description of Helen was accurate, as always. The Dataset is empty and
RequestLive is true, the line with opening the line in Edit-Mode I didn't
understand. Where and how can the state of the dataset be set upon opening?