Subject Re: [IBO] Question about generato management
Author Marco Menardi <>
I would add that you HAVE to use generatorlinks (or a client side ID
retrieve) for a master in a master-detail situation, so new detail
inserted rows will have the apropriate master ID.
In addition, Marco, I've found that the general "suggested" syntax in
triggers is:
IF (( new.ID_TEST IS NULL ) OR (new.ID_TEST < 0)) then

the reason is fire the generator when you are using tools that flag
primary keys as "required", so you could not send a null value for the
key. Here, insetad, you set the ID_TEST to -1 (or whatever nevative
number) as a workaround.
Marco Menardi

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> >I was wondering what could be the differences and benefits (if any) of
> >using the Generator_Link of an TIB_Query instead of managing the
> >generator stuff directly with appropriate triggers (as I am actually
> >doing) when inserting new rows.
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> >Regards
> >Salvatore
> If you issue a refresh after you insert a row and you fill the
generator in
> a trigger instead
> of leaving ibo filling it, ibo would not know which is the PK of the
> row inserted.
> I think this is the most important reason why you should use
> instead of managing
> it in a trigger.
> But if you don't need to be syncronized with the DB when you insert
> as when you import data)
> then the faster thing is to implement generators using triggers.
> Usually I use in my trigger this syntax:
> IF ( new.ID_TEST IS NULL ) then
> so I am able to use both solutions basing upon my specific needs.
> Regards
> Marco
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