Subject Re: [IBO] Connection ok in IDE but exception when run
Author Helen Borrie
At 10:16 PM 30-09-02 +0930, you wrote:

>Is there another way to use InfoPower controls?

There is no way to use the IP controls with the native data access
components and TIB_Datasource.

However, hybrid apps work OK but, from experience, the native DAOs are a
lot more comfy using a TIBODatabase and TIBOTransactions than the TIBO DAOs
are about using a TIB_Connection and TIB_Transaction.

One thing that *is* useful to know about is AssignSQLWithSearch. This
allows you to port the SQL of a TIB_Statement descendant *in its current
run-time state* to a TIBO DAO. I don't use Infopower controls myself, not
because I think they are bad controls but just that they aren't suitable
for the client/server interface models I use (little or no client-side data
manipulation; no locates; drill down for data-seeking).

>I find InfoPower extremely useful and am very familiar with them. 2
>benefits are its richedit and filter dialogs.

Filters I have not touched since I dropped the BDE. But then, I haven't
touched a Table component since I dropped the BDE, either. IBO turned
database programming on its head for me. I never need filters because
there is nothing to filter.