Subject Re: [IBO] Connection ok in IDE but exception when run
Author Raymond Kennington

Helen Borrie wrote:
> That seems to suggest that it's not a matter of wrong controls, but one or
> more of the following:
> You have a query which is (by database rules) non-updatable and you have
> not supplied statements to the InsertSQL, EditSQL and DeleteSQL properties.

I'll probably read about these 3 properties soon in the IBObjects Getting Started Guide.

> Aside from resolving your updating problem, may I suggest that, if using
> TIBOTable (ughhh!) and InfoPower controls, you replace the IB_Connection

(I hope you didn't have to re-eat your food.)

Is there another way to use InfoPower controls?

I find InfoPower extremely useful and am very familiar with them. 2 immediately-obvious
benefits are its richedit and filter dialogs. My intention is to use IBObjects for some
things and InfoPower for others.

> and IB_Transaction with a TIBODatabase? If/when you need additional
> transactions, you can add TIBOTransaction (not TIB_Transaction) objects.


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